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January 2, 2014


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Yesterday morning I wrote about my word for 2014, intentional. Throughout the day, I would see some little thing that needed to be done, start to walk away from it in my ‘do it later’ mindset and the word ‘intentional’ would surface. In each instance, I did the small thing before moving on. It’s interesting to reflect on the possibility that stopping to do a little thing might be the opposite of intentional if my concept of the word were only to stay focused on the specific task at hand. In my case, it isn’t. My concept of intentional is more that of the big picture. One of my Facebook friends is apparently doing a group daily reflection type activity and she posted “Begin with the end in mind.” That’s one aspect of what I mean by intentional so that, if I want my world to have some level of organization (the end result) then I need to be intentional in making sure those little things don’t keep getting shoved aside until they become big things.

After I wrote my blog yesterday, I did a Wordle of some synonyms and antonyms I thought of to aid my sense of what it means to be intentional. This morning my emailed Word of the Day was ‘yare’ and I think it’s a word that might well fit in with my ‘big picture’ concept of intentional.  It’s a word I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing before although it is a very old word [first known recorded use was in 888]; it means “easily maneuverable; nimble; ready; prepared.”  I suspect it was often used of a sailing vessel that could be managed in rough or smooth seas, was adaptable, ready and prepared to meet the needs of the sailors, equipped with the necessary weapons to defend them and with enough capability for speed to enable them to escape if need be. At some deep level that word encompasses my reasons for choosing the word intentional. Although I want to continue to go with the flow, I also want to be prepared,  ready and fit for whatever purpose and need that arises.

So today as I live with intentionality, I also aim to be yare.


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