Notes from Life's Journey

About the Traveler’s Journal

Many years ago, I began noticing the repetition of words in the Bible. As I discovered them, I began color coding them or marking them with a symbol to identify the word when I saw it. When I started seeing the word ‘walk,’ ‘walked,’ and ‘walking,’ I colored it brown (the color of earth/dirt – unless you live in Oklahoma where it is red). As I began finding more and more verses with some variation of walk in it, I began to feel a strong urge to write about the subject. Although I’ve procrastinated about it a long time (as Garfield said, “I’ll procrastinate tomorrow), I believe it is time for me to begin writing about my journey or walk with God.

I love Bible study; I am both a learner and a teacher at heart and as I learn, I long to share it. I’m a reader and a singer so there will surely be many quotes and lyrics as well as links to music files or websites. I’ll refer to and recommend books I’ve loved. I know many people don’t find joy in reading as I do, and many aren’t caught by the same music that captures me so, if you find yourself reading in my blog, take what fits you and leave the rest.

This blog is specific to a topic – spiritual life and growth; I have another blog that will cover family stories, genealogy and writing/musings on other subjects that interest me. That blog can be found at DonnaB’s Weblog. Stop by either place any time.


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